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Bloggin' For Mentors

Good morning to half the world. It's afternoon where I am but that's only a quarter of the world and I'm going for the most mass appeal. This blog exists as a shameless attempt to get some free asynchronous mentoring from Paul Randal . So not only am I writing a blog post as part of his "contest," I'm making an entire blog. But as the title indicates, I don't know I have anything new to add to the blogosphere, but if I do! It will show up here. I've scratched my way to becoming a Senior DBA at a company that operates in the loyalty program space near Toronto. I have over 20 years of temporal experience, but maybe only about 10-15 years of REAL experience. Because up until mid-2013, I still spent 90% of my time working with SQL 2000. No excuses, no complaints. At least now I live mostly in the SQL 2014 world. I'm catching up fast! I serve as a sort-of mentor to my DBA twin at work, an awesome 27-year-old who up and moved to Canada less than a year a