How Am I Coping? (T-SQL Tuesday #132)

So far this is a pretty crappy technical SQL Server blog. But I fully accept that, since I'm a pretty crappy technical SQL Server blogger. Seems funny for my second blog post to be more about me stuff, but at least I'm finally writing something. T-SQL Tuesday #132 is asking the question How Are You Coping with the Pandemic? It suggests breaking it down into three categories, so I'll just dive right in. Mental health Mentally, I think I'm doing mostly all right. As a raging introvert (like most people that are blogging on this topic haha), the loss of in-person interaction is relatively not a big deal to me. The only issue I've really felt is the feeling of being trapped at home, but that's largely handled by being the designated gopher in the household, so I'm the one doing groceries, picking up takeout, etc. There have definitely been times when the whole state of the world (not just from a pandemic perspective) has gotten to me and I've gotten mop

Bloggin' For Mentors

Good morning to half the world. It's afternoon where I am but that's only a quarter of the world and I'm going for the most mass appeal. This blog exists as a shameless attempt to get some free asynchronous mentoring from Paul Randal . So not only am I writing a blog post as part of his "contest," I'm making an entire blog. But as the title indicates, I don't know I have anything new to add to the blogosphere, but if I do! It will show up here. I've scratched my way to becoming a Senior DBA at a company that operates in the loyalty program space near Toronto. I have over 20 years of temporal experience, but maybe only about 10-15 years of REAL experience. Because up until mid-2013, I still spent 90% of my time working with SQL 2000. No excuses, no complaints. At least now I live mostly in the SQL 2014 world. I'm catching up fast! I serve as a sort-of mentor to my DBA twin at work, an awesome 27-year-old who up and moved to Canada less than a year a